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Times Table | Multiplication Table

Arithmetic is the basic part of mathematics that is used by all of us in our day-to-day life. Multiplication Tables or Times Table make our calculations very easy in day to life. so I request you all to master it .

For your convenience, I am listing out all the multiplication tables below. you can visit the desired times table by clicking on them in the list provided below.

Times Tables Collection list

Serial No.Table of Multiplication
1Multiplication Table of 1
2Multiplication Table of 2
3Multiplication Table of 3
4Multiplication Table of 4
5Multiplication Table of 5
6Multiplication Table of 6
7Multiplication Table of 7
8Multiplication Table of 8
9Multiplication Table of 9
10Multiplication Table of 10
11Multiplication Table of 11
12Multiplication Table of 12
13Multiplication Table of 13
14Multiplication Table of 14
15Multiplication Table of 15
16Multiplication Table of 16
17Multiplication Table of 17
18Multiplication Table of 18
19Multiplication Table of 19
20Multiplication Table of 20

Multiplication Tables are important for students as by memorizing them you will master the activity of mental calculation. The ability to calculate numbers mentally will make it easy for you to solve a large number of questions in less time.

Some Important Facts about some number

  • 1 is the first counting number and second digit in the decimal number system.
  • 2 is the 2nd natural number . it is the first prime number .value of its square root is 1.414 .square of 2 is 4. and in the binary form, it can be written as 0010.
  • Number 3 comes after 2 and before 4
  • 3 is the atomic number of elements lithium
  • length, breadth, and height! are the 3 dimensions of space.
  • This is the smallest odd prime number.
  • 4 is the natural number that comes after 3 and before 5.
  •  it is the smallest composite number.
  •  in digital electronics 4 bit is called a nibble.
  •  4 is the atomic number of beryllium.
  •  there are 4 letters in word four.
  •  in Roman Numerals 4 is written as IV.
  • Natural number 5 comes after 4 and before 6.
  • 5 is the atomic number of Boron.
  • 5 is the third smallest prime number.
  • 5 in Roman Numerals is written as V
  • There are 5 interlocked rings as the symbol of the Olympic Games.
  • In numeric keypad 5 is having a raised bar.
  • 7 is the natural number that comes after 6 before 8
  • 7 is the atomic number of Nitrogen.
  • There are 7 days in a week
  • 8 is the natural number that comes after 7 and before 9.
  • 8 is the atomic number of oxygen.
  • This is 1st Nonprime number.
  • In nuclear physics, it is the second magic number.
  • If you will flip 8 in the right direction it will be the symbol of Infinity ∞ .

for other interesting ideas and facts about numbers, you will have to visit the respective post.

I have tried to make these posts informative so that a student does need not search here and there for the information related to the times’ table. in the coming days, I will add more and more valuable information and worksheet for you to prepare and memorize these tables.

your views on these articles will be more useful for me to make these posts more valuable and useful for the student community.

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