Table of 13 | multiplication table of 13

Hello Dear ! before going to the Table of 13 i would like to tell you some facts as well as some myths related to the number Thirteen . After knowing these facts learning the Multiplication Table of 13 will be much easier and interesting for you .

Facts and Myths of 13

  • 13 is the natural number , it comes after 12 and before 14.
  • There are 4 seasons each having 13 weeks .
  • you will become a teenager after you cross 13 years of age.
  • 13 is a prime number .
  • atomic number of aluminum as per periodic table is 13
  • in the game of playing card each suits have 13 cards to play .

Table of 13


Multiplication Table of 13 Image

13 table | maths

Although Multiplication Table is a must for the students preparing for competitive exams . After Memorizing the tables your calculation process will be a little bit fast and memorizing will reduce the time taken to solve the problems.  

Worksheet pdf

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i hope this article will be helpful and interesting for students . in future i will try to enrich it . kindly comment your views in the comment box . your comments are precious to me for further improvements …..

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