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Standard Unit Of Length | measurement of Length

Before knowing about the standard unit of length, a small activity for you. Please measure your book lengths with your own handspan or cubit and then request your elder brother/sister to repeat this activity.

Don’t ask why, you just do it you will get a reply of your why?

Why Standard Unit of Length

have observed something. ? have You seen that when different people measure the same object in different ways by using different measuring standards, then its length will also come differently. How much confusion will be there in such measurements?

To overcome this inequality and confusion in measuring the length of objects, we need a standard unit of length to measure something.

Meter is the standard unit for measuring length. generally, we measure the length in meters. The length of small objects is measured in centimeters and the length of the bigger ones is measured in kilometers.

Examples for Standard unit of Length-

if the length of a mobile phone is to be measured, we will use centimeters. Similarly, the length of the pencil or your notebook, your book, is measured in centimeters. Centimeter means one-hundredth part of a meter.

Similarly, if you want to measure the length of a person or measure the height of a house, measure the height of the door of your house or measure clothes, etc., then the meter is often used there.

Whenever you go to a tailor, he first takes the measurement of your body for sewing your clothes, which is usually taken with the help of meter tape.

The scale in your geometry box is usually 15 centimeters in length. The bigger one is 30 centimeters.

Similarly, if the distance between 2 villages is to be measured, then that kilometer is used for the same. The distance between two cities or the distance between two countries is measured in terms of kilometers.

After reading this, you can clearly say that meter is a standard unit of measurement for length. Kilometer is used to measure larger lengths, while a centimeter is used to measure smaller lengths.

A centimeter is denoted by cm and a meter is denoted by m.

By now you have come to know that the standard unit of length is the meter, whereas along with the meter. at the same time in common practice, we use the other 2 units kilometer and centimeter to measure the length. Standard unit is also known as SI unit having its full form as – Standard for International System of Units.


in the wrapup, I would like to summarize a few things for you

  • Meter is the Standard unit of Length.
  • Standard Unit is also known as SI unit having its full form as – Standard for International System of Units.
  • a centimeter is denoted by cm and a meter is denoted by m.
  • 1 meter equals to 100 centimeter
  • 1 kilometer = 1000 meter.

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