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Mathematical Symbol | Important Mathematical Notation with their Names

Mathematics is an important subject in exams and it is very useful for us in our whole life because the common thing that we do in our day-to-day life requires the knowledge of elementary mathematics. in Mathematics Symbols are very important.

The knowledge of Mathematical Notations and mathematical Symbols are very much required for a student who wants to improve his knowledge of mathematics and who wants efficiency in solving math problems. Below I am writing some of the very basic symbols and will update it as per your suggestions. please write your views on my writing approach as well as on the usefulness of this article by examspace.

I have categorized these symbols by their function into tables to make their reading easier for you. You can find different symbols in subsequent sections that will be useful for your math expedition. Go ahead…

Basic Math Symbols

In basic Math Symbols, i have written about the basic symbols like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division less than, greater than, and others please read this in the following table.

SymbolsName of the Symbols
>Greater than
<Smaller than
Less than equal to
Greater than equal to
±Plus Minus
Not Equal to
=Equals to
Approximately equal to
3aCube Root
Square root
nanth root
Square root
.Decimal Point
^ ( caret)And
∨(reverse caret)Or
()Parenthesis / Small Bracket
{ }Middle Bracket
[ ]Big Bracket
Varies as

Symbols from Geometry

In geometrical notation, I have written symbols for angles, triangles, circle, and others. read this table for these geometry symbols

Notations/SymbolName of SymbolExample
right angleα = 90°
angle∠ ABC = 30°
measured angle ABC = 30°
spherical angle AOB = 30°
parallelAB ∥ CD
congruent to∆ABC≅ ∆XYZ
~similarity∆ABC~ ∆XYZ
radradians360° = 2π rad
gradgradians / gons360° = 400 grad
cradians360° = 2π c
πpi constant
rRadius of Circle
dDiameter of circledenoted as d
Rectangle l=l, w=w

Symbols from Algebra

Friends in the last go through with this small collection of symbols and notation collected from algebra.

Symbol Name of the SymbolExample
xx variableunknown value to find
xfloor bracketsrounds number to lower integer
xceiling bracketsrounds number to upper integer
x!exclamation markused to represent factorial
| x |vertical barsused to denote absolute value
f (x)function of xmaps values of x to f(x)
[a,b]closed interval[a,b] = {x | axb}
deltaexpress the change / difference
discriminantΔ = b2 – 4ac
sigmasummation – sum of all values in range of its series
∑∑sigmadouble summation
capital piproduct – product of all values in range of series
equivalenceidentical to
proportional toproportional to/ tells about the variation
much less thanmuch less than w.r.t some number
much greater thanmuch greater than w.r.t some number
πpi constantusually pie = 3.141592654… pie is the ratio of circumference and diameter of a circle

Hope this article on mathematical symbols will help you. All the suggestions for further improvement in this blog are highly appreciated. please write down your suggestion and views on this post in the comment section provided below.



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