Disclosure & Disclaimer

Disclaimer and Disclosure

The purpose of examspace / examspace.net is to spread mathematical Information and Ideas to as many readers as possible. Along with this, we would like to say that the information published here has been collected from the publicly available places and most of the information is available in the public domain .

I have tried our best to produce information correctly but even after my efforts there may be some errors and misprint in these materials . As a learned reader / user i request you to notify me about that misprint and i will correct it as soon as possible .

If you have the ability to present these basic concepts in more friendly manner feel free to write your piece and i will feel obliged to published it on this mathematical notebook i.e. examspace.net

All the ideas presented here are published for the purpose of education so that our young reader friends and their teacher could remind those concepts to increase their knowledge and to make them goal oriented.

if the content presented by me hurts any person , organization or any other entity please inform me before taking any other action. I am and will respect your views .

I am learning technical skills and at the same trying to write some beutiful and informamtive piece of content for you . your suggestions and feedback is more valuable to me . feel free to write me without any hesitation .

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Yours – K Kumar