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Hello Dear!

I am a Teacher by Profession, who lives in Hyderabad India. I teach Small kids and School going children. my whole activity got restricted in this pandemic situation. although I tried a lot to overcome this situation but no chance … Teaching Students is a passion and lifeline for me I cannot live without teaching as teaching is a lifeline for me.

I am trying to get updated with technology and writing articles for the students. this writing activity will make me busy. Although I am new to this blogging world but learning from the resources available free to the internet. I am getting help from one of my friends to grow this site and learn some basic skills and setups to do more things.

I am trying to learn technology and also trying to provide some basic math skills to my audience like you…Dear Friends as a famous quote is there ” Hard work never fails and Passion never ends “.

After all these ups and downs eventually, the human spirit will win. This world will come to normalcy and Things will move again.

I am starting this small project with my little resources and a big dream that one day I will be able to spread my knowledge( although I have very little) to my fellow who will make this world more intelligent, expert, and more suitable to the human being.

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if you are interested to contact me kindly mail me on the email id provided below or simply comment on any post I will get in touch with you.

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expecting your help positively.
Thanking You
Yours – K Kumar